Friday, October 14, 2011

Dear "Peaceful" Liberals...

Dear So Called Adults,

I'm the girl in this picture. Who I am is of no importance. What IS important is that I find it laughable
that those of you on the left feel that Free Speech only belongs to you. Yes, I'm 13. I have the same right to speak my mind as anyone else. Why is it you "adults" can't remember that?

So far I've been called a spoiled brat, ignorant, and the violent threats don't even need to be addressed, but I will anyway because you "adults" should be called out on it. I want to thank all you "adults" for threatening to hang me, slap me, oh and I especially loved being called a c**t, etc. I'm very glad not to be that kind of adult, and I never will be.

I know you all now have a forum to post your long winded reasoning why I'm wrong, but I had a legal pad and a Sharpie. It seems my short message has gotten across much better than your thousand word essays on why I'm wrong.

My parents started out with nothing. I get nothing unless I earn it. When I get my first car, it will be because I bought it, unlike most other kids. Since I was about 2, every bit of birthday money, Christmas money has gone into a piggy bank. Voluntarily. Because I know the struggles my parents went through, and I'm not going to go through that one day. I will work whatever job I have to to get by, and I won't whine about it and march around a city complaining that it isn't good enough for me.

Try saving some money. I notice you are all carrying around iPads, iPods, iPhones, computers...who bought those for you? If it was your mom or dad, then you have no right to call me a spoiled brat. If it wasn't your parents, then you're supporting the corporations you say you hate, and you're not saving your money. You fail all around.

So while you spent age 13 chasing after some boy or bullying your parents into buying you something you didn't need, I spend my time studying, saving, and planning my future. After school, I study engineering with my dad, and after that I read. It also seems that I can cause the worst hatred from adults with just a few words, but I should feel sorry for you?

I stand by my words with one difference: Get a damn job you hippie, and quit crapping on POLICE cars!