Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Email: damn hippies, and worse, damn hipsters

I'm only 26, but i already feel like I have been using way too many "back in my day" stories than i need too.  Growing up when my dad worked more than he was home, and my mom busted her ass keeping the home running, I would dream of winning the lottery or finding a hidden stash of gold some where, but none the less, i would DREAM about it.  I knew that most likely i would have to go to school, work hard, study my ass off, and then find a job and work my way up to as far as i could go.  I went into the military instead of going to school, came home took the first job i could get (manual labor, but i climbed trees, it was like getting paid to be a kid, well a kid sold into slave labor but still a kid). As "fun" as that profession was i knew i could do more, so i went back into school and put myself  willingly into more debt.  All this because i know that i would get nothing handed to me, i would have to work for every cent i earned, (minus those pennies you always find in random places, i found them, they are mine, you can not have them back).  

But now i turn on the local news(Boston) and i see a bunch of whiny sniveling 20 year old with posters and tents "occupying" the streets trying to get all of their debt forgiven, and basically just have the government hand them money.  These bastards want a $20 an hour living wage, that's right, they want more money per hour to be unemployed then most people who do work make.  Are they idiots.  You kidding me, you think all of the retail, civil workers, basically anyone who makes less than $20 an hour is going to work if they find out they can get paid just to live.   Now i thought paying those ass clowns on jersey shore to sit around was outrageous, now you want every thumb sucking lazy piss ant to receive the prevailing wage on douching.  

I am an American, 100 percent patriot, I'm all for rights, freedoms, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but this is too much.  The American dream is to be able to be whoever you want and live how ever you want, but at what point do these morons realize that their way of life they are promoting is pure anarchy.  In order for a society to survive every one has to do their part, this is why utopia will never exists due to the fact that just one person not wanting to contribute but still get the reward brings down the whole system. 

My solution to this problem is a work shadowing program.  every one knows there are jobs out there that some people take because no one else wants to not there is anything wrong with these people, they just have stronger stomachs than most, like janitors, septic system cleaners, that guy at the circus who follows the elephants around with a shovel.  I say we take these "liberation masters" and send them working with them for a week.  By the end they will be more than happy to take that clerical job, or stuff as many envelopes you want, start at the bottom rung and try to move up, they get out of line, make them go back for another week.  These babied children have never had to want or wish for anything, but now that they are going to be on their own they are looking for another tit to squeeze on. 

I look young, really young, i still get carded for r rated movies, and it upsets me because a lot of people assume that i am part of movements like these or support them because of my looks or age, i am greatly saddened that my generation and the ones to come are just screwing this all up.  Coming from a military family i am constantly reminded of what sacrifices have been made to ensure that these dumb asses can protest like this, but i wish they would smarten up and realize that this is not the solution, but yet another problem.