Saturday, October 15, 2011

Email: False Logic

I am going to have to respectfully disagree with your criticism of the wall street protesters. The main issue I take is the assumption or inference that all the people supporting and participating in the protests are jobless hippies. Sure there are plenty of jobless people that are a part of this movement and a good number are in the state due to their own poor choices, but there are plenty that are either gainfully employed or lost their job due to the faltering economy by no fault of their own. But I mainly want to focus on the fact that this movement isn't about jobless people. This movement is about those people working hard for a living (the middle class) that are tired of the government, banks, and big business making themselves richer while killing the aforementioned middle class. Basically that a good many of the people that are a part of Occupy Wall Street are PRODUCTIVE members of society that you promise to be part of in a few short years. Someone can continue to work for their own betterment and be productive while still voicing displeasure with the inadequacies they believe are a part of the government, banks, and corporations that are so prominent in all our lives.
The other issue I have is your assertion that liberal arts degrees are pointless and that it would be better to get some kind of math, science, or business degree. I'm sure part of your parents raising correctly (or so I hope) is teaching you the importance of knowledge and being well informed. Well if no one bothered with any of these liberal arts degrees such as history, art, music, literature, and so on there would be a huge loss of people to keep us or at least try to keep us an informed society. Many choose one of these degrees knowing they will never make what an engineer for instance will make. I for instance chose a degree in graphic design over pursuing a degree involving mathematics which I excelled at in high school. So good for you if you choose engineering, biology, accounting, or whatever non liberal arts degree, but please do not ignore the value in these degrees and the people that pursue them. Otherwise your parents have failed at least in one regard in raising you properly. We should encourage people studying in as many different areas because that sort of diversity is what makes for a more informed, more culturally robust, and overall better society.
It is good that you care and are paying attention to the world you are a part of, but you are only thirteen and I can guarantee you with absolute certainty that your ideas and perceptions of things will change as you get older. Don't assume to know what it is to be coming out of college right now because believe me those still in school aren't fully prepared for what they are about to face. And don't pretend that is only liberals that are ignorant. Our society as a whole is woefully ignorant and liberal or conservative way to quick to show complete disregard and an utter lack of respect for anyone that doesn't share their own opinion. You are showing a bit of the same ignorance when you make broad wide sweeping judgements about the protesters and liberals based on the actions of a few.

Just for anecdotal information. I have a friend in NYC that makes his living by going to alaska and doing the sort of seasonal fishing like you see on The Deadliest Catch, which only last a few months. He earns his entire year's income in these few months and spends the remaining in New York pursuing other interests such as music. So in short he earns his money and then has plenty of time to participate in say an extended protest. You may not agree with how he earns his income and spends his time but it's a job someone has to do and the free time is part of the reward.