Friday, October 14, 2011

Email: Get a Job you lazy BUMS

I was mowing yards at 10, I had my first real job at 11. I delivered the Detroit news door to door. Sticking that paper in the storm door got me an extra tip most of the time. In the Summer I delivered 53 homes via a Huffy, in the winter I often did it by pulling a sled AT 6AM BEFORE SCHOOL.

At 14 I was working at burger joint. Mom signed off that it was OK. 

At 15 My dad passed away and my mom had to go to work to support my sister and I. I did everything I could to help her, Yard work, kept the house up maintenance wise. She buster her ass and we got by. She wouldn't except money from me. 

At 17 I got a better job as a shipping clerk at a local specialty printing company. That company was started by a bunch of UGA guys as a second business after the success of their Moving business they started with a old Church Van. You might have heard of it, Bulldog movers. 

Went to work full time running a printer after I graduated high school in 85. My mom made me a Loan on a better car as a graduation gift, I paid it off in less then 2 years. 

I was going to the local Tech school at night on MY DIME for computer engineering. 

At 19 I moved out so as not to be a burden on my mom. I still went to her house every weekend to mow her yard and keep the house up. I was the manager of the printing department by that time. I had 16 people that answered to me. First person I had to fire was a "you owe me" type that got drunk at lunch, sent her home the first time, fired her the second. Ended up in Court, we won. 

At 20 I went to work for a company selling printing equipment. I set up the equipment and trained the employees of the company that bought the gear.

At 21 I change careers and went to work for a guy that started his own business installing Cell phones in Cars (they use to be too big to carry). He made $150k the second year in business of which he paid me $50k.  I was making double what my projected pay would be 5 years out of college. I quite going to school so I could work more hours and earn more pay.  

Went into business on my own for a Year. Made $75k. Hand held phones started to take over and the install business started to wain.

Went to work for the local carrier and ended up doing repairs on cell phones, then I managed the shop. Then I opened another shop for the company, Then another. 

I have been with the company for 19 years now. I'm not counting on SS being there. I put 10% of my pay into my 401 and I should have enough squired away to retire at 55. My home will be paid for by then. I have no other Debt, My 3 cars may be old buy they are paid for. Our children will both have gone on to live their lives and the wife and I will travel.

Now you bums quit electing people to loot from those of us that understand self reliance. Quit thinking you have a right to what I work very hard for! "go get a damn job you hippie!"