Friday, October 14, 2011

Email: Great Job!

First of all amazing job on the blog!
To all of the hippies
a) if the people want the business to get out of the government, have the government get out of the business
b) Those businesses make America thrive and give prosperity to its citizens, impose a few more regulations and this country will be 99% unemployed
c) The real 99% are hard-working people with dreams and aspirations who know that strangling businesses does no good
d) This country was brought up by people who worked on minimum wage and with responsible saving and spending they were able to send their kids to school, pay for a moderate living and see their sons and daughters become CEOs and founders of the very businesses you cry about
e) The problem was never the Wall Street, it was you. You were the one who couldn't read the fine print, who wanted to live beyond your means and as this 13 year old accurately mentioned, chose to study Women's Studies in college and then cry about the injustice of the system
f) We are all capable of our own fortunes and just because you mismanaged yours doesnt mean you have to blame anyone else for it
g) What the fuck happened to this country? I am appalled that there is even such a thing as Occupy Wall Street. People denouncing enterprise, hard work, financial freedom and free market? Are you kidding me? You want government regulations of businesses? Go to fucking France