Thursday, October 13, 2011

Email: here's to you

kudos, my dear.  i love what you have to say, as you sound like i did when i was your age.  ambition is a wonderful thing, and a shame for people who lack it.  i knew at 13 that i was going to be successful, and my giant house, vacation home in florida and boat prove that even someone of meager upbringing tossed out on the streets at 18 with no money for a higher education can not only earn a degree, but work hard and become successful. even if you have to, like i did, work three jobs and go to school at the same time. opportunity is out there for the people who are motivated to find it, and for the rest of the hippie slackers, i sign your welfare check as a contributing member of society and feed your children. good luck in all you do, i can tell that by the time you hit my age, you will be as successful as i am, and probably as bitter towards the people in this country who  have turned the american dream from a concept of opportunity to a concept of entitlement.