Friday, October 14, 2011

Email: I agree with you, BUT...

Hey girlie,
I generally agree with you. I went to Occupy DC right after I went to a Republican Voter's summit that I attended this past weekend to support Ron Paul, basically to check out what was actually going on, and I was appalled at the protesters' lack of basic knowledge about the economy, capitalism, and the rewards system on which our country is built (who would work if they could get paid anyways? Who would start a business if most of their income would be paid in taxes to provide free services to people who didn't work for them?). Did you know that some of their demands are universal healthcare, free college, and $20/hr, regardless of whether or not they have a job? I think that's bullshit, because I would be paying their "salaries" for sitting on their ass all day. I'm a waitress who's working her way through college, making $2.13 an hour plus tips, so I do NOT want to pay for lazy people to continue their laziness.
HOWEVER, as right as you are about the point in general, I do not think you understand how absolutely difficult it is to get a job right now. Companies are over-hiring right now to avoid having people work overtime, so the employees are getting their hours cut. Many companies have just stopped hiring, they're trying to make due with what they have right now in light of the economic crisis we're in as a country. There are many hardworking people out of a job right now, people who did very well in college but have fallen on hard times. I do NOT think that the government should be used as a crutch to help those down on their luck, and I especially don't think that the banks and corporations should be protested against (if these companies are closed down, can you imagine how many people would be out of work??); I think it should be up to charities, churches, and community groups to help their suffering neighbors.
Also, your age shows a lack of knowledge about the workplace in general. I've been working since I was 16; no offense, but how long have you been working? Like I said, I agree with your protests against the protesters, but the fact that you have not experienced these hard times right now and are still talking about it like you actually know what's happening, what we're experiencing, rubs me the wrong way. When you're in college, working as much as you can in between studying and trying not to run up your electricity bill by going to bed before the sun goes down or just leaving one light on in the house, eating ramen noodles or something equally disgusting and lacking in nutrition just about every night... then, I will find knowledge and insight in what you have to say. Again, I know that it is part of growing up and moving out of our parents' houses, and I would never ask for help from the government... but, I have lived it, and you haven't, so I find it a little unfair for you to say that.
Anyways, like I've said throughout this many times, I do agree with your message. Get off your ass and DO something.
And good for you for writing what you believe.
A fed up tax payer who barely makes enough to scrape by, much less pay for a lazy group of people to sit around all day