Thursday, October 13, 2011

Email: I am the 99%

Hi get a damn job you hippie,
I am a hard working engineer.
I am a student.
I own my own house and drive my dream car.
I'm saving for the future and living for today.
I am a proud 28 year old American.
Your picture was the final push towards my slowly developing support for Occupy. The American people are being tricked and brainwashed. Those people are not just the jobless, lazy, or the hippy. They are the concerned and frustrated. They see how wall street lobbies the government demanding less regulation. They are afraid that bills to stop risky investments and poor practices will be undermined with lacing of the hand.
You seem like a smart girl. Could you please tell me how passing around imaginary pieces of money creates substantial amounts of jobs? Could you please explain the product output of day traders? Unregulated and unaccountable actions entice greed that feeds on the ignorant.
I'll be protesting with those "jobless hippies". Thank you for the motivation.
Ps. Try to live off minimum wage with school loans and living expenses. Without help, it's very difficult.
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