Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Email: I'm actually a hard working, military American (for real)

       I made this a few days ago to combat the lazy people on Wall Street and all around this great country.  I attempted to post it on the "99%ers blog but obviously wasn't approved (blocking my First Amendment).  Complaining because the "man" didn't pay for your college education, or is the reason that you don't have a job.  Please take this as however you would like, but please feel free to also spread it. (Please do!)
       The mainstream does not realize (i.e.-doesn't do their research) that this group is also against military, which I take great offense to, and thousands more in the military community do as well.
       Anyways, keep up what you are doing, it's very admirable! And to that hate mail that I am sure you will get, be professional to those that deserve an educated response, otherwise don't waste your time.  You are already lightyears ahead of 80% of the teenagers in this country, much less the 18- to 25-year old group.  Good luck!