Saturday, October 15, 2011

Email: I'm glad you are watching all of this

Good to know you're paying attention to what's going on and what it
all means. OWS is nothing more than a political stunt to spread a
message for liberalism. They don't have the respect to have an impact
on politics like the tea party (for obvious reasons).
My story:
I was in a trade union for 21 years. I was sort of an outcast because
I made statements like "we should freeze wages to stay competitive".
Well, they didn't and non-union contractors are taking much of their
After the economy tanked, our workforce was too expensive and the lay
offs started. I said forget all that union crap and waiting on jobs,
made a resume and sent it out for just about anything.
Long story follows but I ended up taking a job which is now full time
and I have a company vehicle.
This year I will make about what I did in my last job except I have
benefits all year, money is going into my retirement all year, and I
have zero commute expenses (that's a lot of money saved and I consider
it income).
I had to start a new career because the union's greed is killing their
construction 'market'. I have friends who work one week then off for
two, then a couple weeks, then off for a month, etc.
I was called a moron because I quit the union and took a steady job. I
have work planned through midway of 2013, plus other obligations with
this job. The work won't stop.
As a result, we're hiring.
We can't get decent people to apply. If we do bring someone in for an
interview, they just want their unemployment book signed so they can
tell the state they're actively looking for a job.
I see help wanted signs everywhere. Sure, some are gas stations but
what's wrong with that? I worked in a gas station before I got the
union job.
Have to start somewhere with your career and it's called THE BOTTOM!
That's my beef with OWS. They demand high wages now, without working for it.
I'm glad that, at 13 years old, you understand the world doesn't work
that way. Employees have to earn a wage by improving themselves and
moving on to better jobs.
Don't let the bitter liberals get to you, they just don't know how to
deal with responsible people!
Take care,