Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Email: in response to "Good Job"

Note: This is the fifth email this guy has sent, and the fourth one posted.

This is gonna be as quick and dirty as possible and not as comprehensive as some my other posts. It's gonna be a busy afternoon, no time for dilly dallying.
1. YEah I was impressed to so I won't comment on it anymore. Don't want to make Little Bit blush so I'll refrain. Okay so those "millions" aren't as set up for their future education? So what? I know plenty of people [as she's already pointed out] that went to college on their own dime, and became successful. Hell my own cousin has owned his own business[es] since he was about 16. He started out tutoring kids, then after High School to get a degree[in what I forget[ gave up before getting that degree, because it was a waste of money, came home and made a living doing the same thing he'd been doing since he was a kid. Teaching others to play instruments. He also tried out his hand in sidelines as a delivery driver for one of the corps up at the major airport, doing flooring and remodeling to make extra money. HE also went to one of the trade schools online and worked for an IT degree. As of now, works for one of the big IT contractors and owns his own relatively thriving recording studio. He did it through hard work. He he exceptional? Oh yeah to my mind he is. That being said if you're not willing to WORK for something why the hell should it just be handed to you. Your not 'entitled' to any thing. You EARN it.
2. Of course people should read contracts before they sign them. That one has been drummed into me since I was a kid. "always read the fine print". I'll agree with you that nowadays they make contracts too long winded and technical to try and make it harder to understand, and of course to make money for lawyers. The solution to that one, The Bard gave us along time ago "kill all the lawyers" I say this as someone with lawyers in his family.
3. Oh I think we basically agree..just because you GET a degree doesn't guarantee you a job. Which is why[like my cousin] you should always diversify in your skill set so you've got something to fall back on.
4. Do you KNOW why those corporations aren't hiring? I do. it's called too many damn regulations. Also of course the current recession. Do you honestly expect a company to invest time, and money and effort, [assuming you need some sort of training for a particular job within a company] when you tell them from the outset on your application you only intend to stay one or 2 years? While it annoys the hell out of me personally because the concept of company loyalty[on both sides] has gone the way of the dodo birds. I don't blame them.

Crap..gotta go. I might come back later and cover the other points and I might not.