Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Email: In response to tl;dr

What's up dude or dudette? I'd just like to point out one or two of your own myopic failures of logic. and even agree with you on one or two other things.
1. Ayup..the right of free speech is a very grand thing. One our government under President Jug Ears Obama has worked very hard to try and suppress . one of the most interesting ones to me lately is the one where they're going to try and control the internet. Personally I find that laughable. I think the minute they try to enforce that control they're going to find that they're having trouble with hackers crashing their systems. Nope not a threat..just a prediction. Hackers tend to be anti authority by nature anyway and if you try and take away their freedom of the ARE going to piss them off.
2. Yes living beneath your means is a good that I think we all agree. hooray. However as some would say. Life is a #$@$%, and sometimes a really vindictive one I've noticed. Or maybe that's Murphy of murphy's law fame. Lord knows the s.o.b. seems to love my family enough but we keep trucking along in spite of him.
3. Whether little bit here goes to college or some trade'll be to get a degree in something useful. No degree guarantees you a job, however a degree from a college or trade school in a truly USEFUL subject is more likely than art degree[unless it's paired with a photography and business degrees] or pretty much any of the "liberal" arts or "studies" degrees.
4. me I'd rather flip burgers..only downside to that one is all the fast food you're eating. fast food everyday and the same fast food every day is no good.
5. Those banks were making all those loans, home and other wise because the federal government told them to. A fact everyone on the liberal side of the aisle always conveniently has selective memory loss on. I will agree that it was ruinously stupid though. the Banks SHOULD have told the feds to go piss up a rope.
6. As has been mentioned REPEATEDLY since the start of this crap, a lot of traders and people who work for investment firms make the bulk of their salary from those bonuses. Sometime that IS their yearly salary. Alas certain people tend to take great delight in being like Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop finger in their ears shouting "LA LA LA LA. I'M NOT LISTENING TO JEFFERY BUT HE'S STILL TALKING TO ME!" It gets REALLY old.
7. You are correct we the taxpayers always seem to be picking up the bill for the governments abject stupidity. Alas this is because we keep electing and re electing the same, big government, power hungry, money hungry micro minded jackasses to office. Here's a clue that SHOULD have tipped the voters off in 07 when the Democrat primaries started. Where did Obama come to us from? Chicago..yeah that's right..the Chicago Machine that turned corruption into an artform AND big business. Hell they make BRAZIL seem like paradise by comparison. THAT should have been the voters first clue. I called it back in 07...and geez do I detest being right this time.
7a. I'm of the opinion that we need to take all our current long serving politicians, load them into a rocket and fire it into the sun. Of course, the universe does have a perverse sense of humor so it's entirely possible the sun might go nova in retaliation.
8. Really? Well guess what've got only yourselves to blame for your mess because alas, like certain brain damaged morons over here? You guys keep putting the same power and money hungry pissants in power over and over again. It's one of the things that the Tea Party over here was harping on. We need people to come to the fore who have experience from all walks of life and careers. People who still understand the concept of a good days work for a good days pay. People who still understand the words, Honor, Integrity, Sacrifice, and Responsibility and don't just treat them as something to be ridiculed and scoffed at. People who will come in, if elected, do their term of service and then go back to their lives. THAT is what this country's government started out as. Now? Now we have career politicians. For example there is one seat in congress that has been held by the same family for something like 80yrs, and no it's not the Kennedy's. though IIRC from the article , the kennedy's came a semi close 3rd in that list.
9. Personally England..I doubt this young lady has any intention of supporting the ungrateful little pricks who want something for nothing. I'd prefer to rip their heads off and use them for footballs. Speaking of which what is it about Manchester United, their arch enemies the name of whom escapes me at the moment, and their respective fans? They REALLY seam to actively hate each other? get a grip it's a frackin game for crying out loud! [but I digress]
10. I personally believe that the debt can be gotten rid of eventually IF we gut the government and put a leash and muzzle on it. THAT is going to be an interesting process. Also in the end, probably a bloody one because no one with absolute or even almost absolute power gives it up willingly and without a fight. Right now we have a government, rapidly trying to grant itself absolute power regulation by regulation. Yours almost does already. They got the bulk of the control the day they took all your guns away. With some of your fellow Englishmen standing up to criminals with swords and kitchen knives I'm waiting for your government to come down with a ban on knives. Lord only knows what they'll go after, after they've done that .[ Really? Banning balloons and things at Birthday parties because they are "dangerous"? WTH? *facepalm*]

Later England