Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Email: Last night

Some responses that came in last night.

  • Dear Damn Hippie,

    I'm a novelist based in Sydney, Australia. I just wanted to commend you on your articulate response to the "Occupy" protests. No doubt you'll receive a great deal of unpleasant emails from the people whom you addressed (and their supporters), nearly all of it being personal attacks. Don't take them to heart; that's just how those on the left of politics operate.

    I was twice your age by the time I figured out that liberalism wasn't the best way forward for humanity, so I foresee a bright future ahead for you.

    Best of luck to you

  • How odd..I had found you on facebook and shared the link and picture. One of my 'friends' came back and said she didn't believe that any 13yr old girl wrote the words in the pic, let alone run the blog. I told her she MIGHT be right about it might not be a 13yr old girl running the site..seeing as how quickly you're getting some of the responding emails up. However I told her "but assuming she didn't express that sentiment, because 'only very rarely' that a 13yr old girl would, is a bit myopic, not to mention highly prejudicial on your part. I can think of at least 2 young girls I know of , off the top of my head; that have expressed if not those exact words, the exact same kind of sentiment." She also expressed the idea that no 13yr old girl would use the word 'hippie' I personally suspect she's wrong there. However as I said...I don't doubt the girl in the picture wrote those words..not one bit. As I told her I know of at least 2 young girls who have expressed the same kind of sentiment if not in the exact same words. So dude or dudette if that's you're daughter in the picture...sure raisin her right. *grin*

  • Dear ignorant ass who wrote a letter from 13 year-old,

    I am the child of a successful engineer and responsible financial CFO who was taught to live beneath my means. I am the engineering grad from a top 5 university that you are preaching to all your kids to go to school for. I worked 70+ hours a week for no overtime to contribute to society and my job was outsourced overseas because this country rewarded Wall Street for fucking over people's lives, jobs, retirement, salaries, etc. so that CEO's can make 100x what their average worker makes and not pay taxes on it. Some of us responsible damn hippies are still living beneath our means, trying to find a job that the American economy won't support... meanwhile some rich shit with an economic degree, that can't even understand math or take responsibility for their own actions, continues to screw this country, along with the future education of the poor 13 year-old in your picture, and her healthcare, retirement and so much more. Now, that, clearly is being a productive member of society; that, and drinking $37 martinis until the sun comes up.


    Unemployed engineer who would really love to find a job and pay my taxes.

  • Thank you for giving me hope that the next generation will be there to pick up the torch. What a great daughter you have!