Saturday, October 15, 2011

Email: lol I like you, you are silly

Dear 13 year old girl,

         I like your opinionated website and the way you are making the lazy people rage. The whole situation is rather silly though. We should all be doing our part to dig out country out of this mess, but far too many are just making a fuss about it and not contributing. I am not in all that good of shape financially but I am doing better now than I was a year ago, I have few skills but I keep plugging away at life and things are very very slowly getting better for me. My life is improving while these 99% people are getting broker and broker. I am putting in lots of hard work at my job, while they are protesting at wall street....I wonder if there is any correlation there?
         Anyway keep posting. Keep your identity a secret and keep working hard. In my opinion I think adding a "how to write a resume" link or a "help wanted" link to your page would be a great service to helping the whole crisis. I can see a pissed of 99% person going to your page to rage, finding a place to work from your link and being turned into a productive member of society. [Note: BRILLIANT.]

Be well.