Friday, October 21, 2011

Email: nicely done

Hey you idiotic little middle class ex-kids.
Anyone can create a website, you are not special.
Anyone can poke fun at poor people because they don't have a voice to fight back with, let alone $13.99 a year to buy a domain name to promote the hatred of their enemies (ie: YOU).
The %99 are angry not necessarily because they are poor, but because the social system we live in maintains the %99 living below their means. And for some, "below their means", means no food today and not simply no food in the next 5 minutes (I bet you're fat too). 
The rich %1 who keep you living in your average, middle class houses, aren't helping you push upwards, they are keeping you at the "middle-class level" as part of a grand plan concocted before any of us were even born. Which also includes eliminating that very same middle class that we belong to. Your middle class houses will shrink sooner than later too, dummies.
If you were smart at all, you wouldn't be pitting yourselves against the %99 of society that are KEPT POOR (like yourselves - you aren't rich just because your parents are), you would be pitting yourselves against the %1 that keeps your houses "a little small", your website totally useless, and your forethought SHORT.
Your children (as if you care), along with yourselves, are already part of the %99 whether you like it or not.
Just because you have the time and lack of motivation to sit there and write sentence fragment after sentence fragment about absolute rhetoric, it does not make you part of the %1, it makes you lazy and unmotivated, with no purpose except to live on the Internet and die in obscurity. No one cares if you hate hippies, the movement isn't about hippies, it's about the ignorance and hate breeding on your corrupt Wall Streets that you proliferate readily at every opportunity because you don't know what the fuck you're even talking about (I guess anyone can make a website).
And aside from that, the shit in the alleys of New York isn't new, usually it just stays inside the NYSE though.