Monday, October 24, 2011

Email: Occupy Idiots

I can’t even tell you how pleases I am to see a 13 year old making so much sense! I am 16 and I don’t live in America, but the protests are spreading to where I live too. I have worked in some aspect since I was 12 and even through the hard times I have loved it. A man cannot be sane without work and maybe that’s why these morons are protesting. Almost every fast food establishment in my city is hiring but then why do these people still not have jobs? Is it above them? If anything is above another it would be the prized cashier position at the local McDonald’s over these hippies. Sure in the past you may have worked a better job but to deny working because you think you are above something and then go camp out on a street tweeting and blogging about it is moronic. Thank you for being a voice of reason on this generally liberal medium we call the internet.

Stay Strong,