Friday, October 14, 2011

Email: Open letter to the OccupyWhatever people:

Hey, idiot;

Yeah, you, idiot. You holding the OccupyWhatever sign.

Why are you trying to destroy my retirement? No, I’m not rich. But if you crash the stock market, you will definitely be crashing my retirement.

What? You aren’t trying to crash Wall Street? Then why the hell are you ‘occupying’ it? Last I checked, ‘occupy’ is a military term.

Oh, you’re mad about the bailouts? ‘They got bailed out, we got sold out’? That’s catchy. What were you calling people like me a few years ago when I was saying that nobody should get bailed out? Remember? Remember all the names you called people like me? I never got bailed out. Nobody bothered to listen when we said that it’s ok to let a business go bankrupt. You whined and cried about lives being destroyed, and said that we were heartless and despicable. But now, you seem to not care if lives are being destroyed.

You idiots think that capitalism is the problem, but can’t even define the word. You hold your signs printed (for profit) by various world socialist organizations, and you ignore the history and the hypocrisy of the people you unwittingly represent. And you, in the Che shirt; hang your head in shame, douchebag (unless of course, you are aware of his racist, murderous ways and fully agree with him – in that case, thank you for showing who you truly are).

Student loans? You are bitching at the people who lent you money to get an education which is in no way benefitting you? Do you remember who took over ALL student loans over the past year or so? Hello, McFly!? Why don’t you rent a damn clue and go bitch to the university who jacked up tuition 100 percent per year for the past few years? Where are your demands for them? You (collectively) are the very picture of ‘mugwumps’. Google it.

Nevermind the fact that Google is a huge corporation, just like the people who make the phone you will be googling and tweeting on. Much like the huge corporation that provides you with wireless service to all your nifty devices. Corporations which provide people with jobs. Unless you think that each worker on an assembly line, and the janitor of the plant, could invent and bring all those devices to market. Here’s a sad little fact of life for you; they can’t.

Oooh, that’s harsh of me, right? Now you hate my guts even more than ever. But you know it’s true. Stop trying to re-write history, stop trying to ignore human nature. Socialism and full-on Marxism has failed everywhere it has been implemented. Europe is still living off the wealth it amassed in the preceding centuries – but we’re watching it finally evaporate before our eyes. China is on the rise – because they have relaxed their controls and moved ever so slightly toward a free market. Amazing how much wealth even that little bit of freedom can generate, isn’t it? But you clowns are stuck between ‘bring it all down’ and ‘regulate everything’. I can’t imagine living such duality.

I am sure Nancy Pelosi will never thank you for the REAL reason that she loves your OccupyWhatever movement. See, the whole ‘Solyndra’ thing kind of makes the current administration look bad (well, worse than before) and there is no way that Pelosi’s nephew’s solar company could have gotten their HALF-A-BILLION if you idiots hadn’t taken the focus off of them. So, since she will only beat around the bush and tell you ‘God Bless’ and that she is so glad you’re there – I will say it plainly in her stead; Thank you OccupyWhatever, for taking the focus off of the shady gummint grants and handout money - from the bottom of Nancy Pelosi’s corrupt, shriveled heart.

My thoughtcrimes and wordcrimes are almost done here, so don’t give up just yet. You can go back to your shrooms and chanting in just a few minutes. I just want to let you know that most of us see right through you. Either you are fully aware, and completely agree with Cloward, Piven, Alinsky, Ayers, Marx, Mao, and Lenin; or, you are the useful idiots that they need. Make no mistake about that. Happy Red October, assholes.