Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Email: words of support

   I came across your website and I love it. People don't realize they have the means to move up and down classes at their own free will. I grew up in the projects, but worked hard in high school to make good grades. I used the school's counselor to help me get financial aid. The government paid for most of my education; which I'm extremely grateful for. I found the greatest job for a male college student -- working in a strip club. I was surrounded by beautiful topless women and was paid handsomely; part of which came from money found on the ground. Upon graduation, I received a great paying job - top 5% - the day after I graduated. So there is a way to start from the bottom and go to the top without winning the lottery or some other serendipitous grand story. People chose the life they live, this is the order of the world. Working hard isn't enough anymore, you also have to work smart. You're 13 and very intelligent, keep up the good work.