Monday, October 17, 2011

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I'm 57.  I have owned a number of businesses.  I have been a business executive and on the board of directors of two non-profits.  I have been in the ministry.  I have two college degrees.  That all said if you really are 13 - kudos; your skills are impressive.  I want to tell you though that our country was built on dissent - and dissent is what has gotten many inequities addressed in this country.  It is a fundamental right - regardless of your culture or your socioeconomic standing in life.  Calling people names is not right either.  If you saw me today you would likely call me undesirable names - such as perhaps dirty old hippie.  I once met a man who I would not shake hands with.  He smelled, his clothes were dirty and he was dirty.  My boss at the time sat and talked to him like they'd been friends for many years --- they had been.  When the man left the business my boss took me to his office and explained that the man I just dissed offhandedly was a multi-millionaire who had given him his start in business.  Be careful young friend ... someday that dirty old hippie may give you a hand up. ...

old hippie