Monday, October 10, 2011

Email: Great response

This email is good enough to deserve it's own post:
I just read your blog spot after seeing your picture on a friend's Facebook.

I am a 45 year old man. I grew up poor with a single mom raising 5 children and taking care of two elderly parents. She never accepted government aid, but instead worked out of our home 12-14 hours a day, 6 days a week. She was very proud and taught us to be self-reliant.

I wanted to go to college, but had very little money. I worked 3 jobs from the time I was 16, until I could afford to go to school when I turned 21. I took 16-18 credit hours per semester AND worked 2 jobs. IT CAN BE DONE! And, by the way... I was not "too good" to work for minimum wage. I got no grants. I took out a loan and worked hard to pay it off.

I am not rich. I live with my wife in a small comfortable home and we are very happy and blessed! We don't drive brand new cars, but we always have food on the table and clothes on our back! We both have worked hard to get where we are. We spend several hours a week volunteering with troubled teens and in soup kitchens. We believe in "giving back". We also support international efforts to help people who really have nothing. No food, medicine or clean water! So sorry you can't afford your tattoos, nights out partying or cell phones! If your readers think they are owed anything by the government (or anyone else), move to Russia, or Canada, or Sweden (where the average tax rate is 76%!!!).

Dear "Occupy" participants - Suck it up! Get a job (or jobs)! Sell your car (or at least, by one you can really afford)! Get rid of your expensive cell phone bill! Live within your means! Spend your time working and investing in your family and your future! Quit living like you think "you should be able to..."! No one OWES you anything. You owe yourself to work hard, and be responsible for your own needs. Life IS fair! It just depend on how messed up your idea of fair is!

Have a great day!
And a great day to you. :)