Monday, October 10, 2011

Some Email

We've gotten some emails. Keep 'em coming.

  • Hey, I'm an instant fan of your site.  I too am a disgruntled guy who is getting increasingly bitter for having to have my hard earned money taken from me in order to pay for these hippie's ability to voice their "first amendment rights".  I was a machinist who was laid off by General motors.  I read somewhere, possibly in the newspaper or such, that there was a nursing shortage. I went to nursing school and now I am gainfully employed as a registered nurse.  I'm paying for these bums and I don't like it a bit.  Any way, You have a great site and I love it.  Keep up the good work.
  • Until you reach puberty, don't immerse yourself in politics that you don't even understand yet. There is an entire world out there without mommy and daddy. I totally believe in living below your means but if you make until 40,000 a year, how much lower can you live? I live in a townhouse with my parents who make 45,000 a year and we are still struggling. Oh and by the way, the high paying jobs are within the health industry such as doctors, surgeons, ect. Not biologists. And actually a major in women's studies actually can help you get jobs like a lawyer because most colleges don't require a pre-law major or offer it. A lawyer can make up to 30,000 to 150,000 a year. So when I major in Women's Studies, graduate, and make 150,000 as a corporate lawyer, I hope you would have gotten over this little narrow minded bump in the road and start making your own opinions, not daddy's.
  • Hi.
    y name is _______. I am sixteen and I saw your picture on Facebook. I cracked up. It's so awesome, yet true. Luckily, I live in rural Tennessee so these parasites haven't made it here yet.. Thank God. I have to say, I find it funny how the MSM (mainstream media) likes to compare these wall street protestors to the Tea Party. I'm a member of the local Tea Party, I got Herman Cain to visit our Tea Party this Friday.. and yesterday I went to the Gibson Guitar Rally in Nashville, Tennessee, which were mostly composed of Tea Partiers. And none of us were smoking weed or becoming violent like these morons are. So, I'm glad more young people are taking note. People still think it's incredible when I tell them I got Herman Cain to come here. :P
    Keep in touch!
  • Hello Miss (If that is who this email finds),
    I wanted to ask you a question: are you actually 13? From the contents of your letter, it would appear you have a viewpoint that would be consistent with someone that age, but you never know. I'm not sending this message to argue with you, but I think that you should consider the amount of external factors that will impact your ability to succeed in the future. Of course, you need fiscal responsibility and a tough work ethic to get by, but you also need support from various systems. I'm currently a student who is pursuing an Engineering degree, much like your father. However, I am receiving my education because of loans provided by the federal government, private banks, and my parents. My hard work can only pay for so much, and my ability to support myself is very dependent on finding a job very quickly out of school. Loan payments have deadlines, and I didn't take them out to buy a new car, house, or home theater setup. If I can't find a job about six months after I end my schooling, I still have to pay. Working at McDonalds or any min-wage job won't make the problem go away. I worked minimum wage for three years, so I know how much it pulls in, and I'm using my savings to chip away at my cost of living (food, housing, etc.).

    This message is not in support of nor against OWS, I'm simply attempting to show you that you, your personality, and your hard work are only parts of the equation. Factors beyond my and your control are variables too. Hopefully, for you and for me, the product of that equation is success in the long run.

    Hopefully this made you think. Feel free to reply if you would like to, I may take awhile to answer though, I'm a very busy person.

    Stay in school.
  • So I saw your website.  And it made me wonder if you actually know what occupy wall street is.  It's not just a bunch of people complaining because they don't have jobs.  It's people wanting to change a broken system that has been failing us for years.  I have a job.  I have been at Occupy Louisville since Tuesday.  The majority of people there have jobs as well.  But having a job doesn't change the fact that the system is broken.  I am going to school to be a teacher.  I have tons of debt already because my parents make too much money for me to qualify for aid.  But they don't make enough money to pay for my school.  That in itself is messed up.  I occupy to show corporations that I'm done with them showing no respect for us.  I'm done with the status quo.
    I'd love to hear back to you, to hear why you took the position you did.  Thanks!
  • My reaction?
    That is awesome!  Thank you!