Monday, October 24, 2011

Email: America

Everyone occupying whatever city,

Congratulations you have spent a month living on the streets or going between your apartment, parents house, friend's couch or wherever at night and the street during the day. I have been reading this blog for the past couple of days and following all this Occupy stuff for the past month, you guys have only gone on too cement my absolute lack of faith in the U.S. staying a super power for the next century. Some people wake up everyday and go to work and don't make much money but they provide for their family and scrape to get by and some people are fortunate enough to not have a want or care in the world. I hate to tell you this but this is the way the world works, it always has been and it always will be.

Let me just continue by syaing something to the "99%" I am part of the 99%, I always have been and most likely always will be. I have no problem with that. I was fortunate enough to grow up in the top 10-15% which a bunch of the protesters probably happened to grow up in too. I have a degree, its a History degree with a minor in Business Admin. I even graduated from college and watched the market crash days before I started to send out my resume to companies hoping that I would be able to get one of the last jobs before the downsizing didn't start, it didn't happen. I spent the better part of 2 1/2 years looking for a job to no success. I called in contacts and everyone I knew trying to find a job in finance. I am still not working in finance, a bunch of my really good friends are and actually work on Wall Street, in Boston, in Baltimore, DC and Philly. They got a little bit of a break and were lucky enough to find jobs in their fields even while the economy was in the tank. They are all still working and worked while I searched. The thing that I found out though that all of you young 20 somethings with degrees ranging from neuroscience to english to glass blowing you have to realize that there are other oppurtunities out there. You can't be closed minded and only look for jobs in one field. I saw things weren't going to happen in finance or banking so I went to law school. My brother watched his division at a bank get closed, he went in to collections then jumped to marketing, he is now running a very successful marketing division. My other brother wanted to go into a government agnecy, he didn't get in he is an accountant. He isn't a big fan of his job but it pays the mortgage and puts food on his table. My point being if you can't do what you really want to do change your goal and find a job in another field. There are still plenty of fields that will hire young people.

All of you that are bitching about rights and America taking them away from you, please do me a favor and shut your fucking mouths. You are not being oppressed. Take a look back at history if you want to see oppression. Hitler killed Jews, gays, gypsies, people with any sort of deformity. Saddam killed Kurds for no reason. Stalin killed people for the Hell of it and Gulags were terrible places to be. Not too long ago in this country N.I.N.A. signs hung in windows through out the country, for those of you who do not know what NINA stands for its No Irish Need Apply. (That was a common thing for a while). Women couldn't get a minimum wage job until teh 20th century and the Supreme Court had to intervene, you guys probably didn't know that one either. Do you know what the great thing about the U.S. is though, anyone can make it and make it big. Andrew Carnegie, poor Scottish Immigrant when he came here, died the richest man in the world. The Kennedy's made there money in bootlegging, they as close to American royalty as you can get. Obama, most of you probably are still wearing HOPE t-shirts, is the son of an immigrant and a woman from Kansas, didn't have any money growing up. Reagan, grew up poor and became the president too. History is full of stories like this. You are not being oppressed because you are poor, just pick a path and run with it. You may be able to become the next big 1% member.

You are not being oppressed because some people have a ton of money and some only have enough to get by. If you think about it, the people with money are fueling the economy. Think about your construction, landscaping and trades. The people with money are the ones having work done to keep these companies in business. Believe me I did landscaping for a few summers and the people who I worked for were paying their bills and creating work to keep the companies afloat and everybody working. You probably never thought of that.

If you are in debt for student loans that is understandable a lot of people are, it sucks. If you are mad about your mortgage rate being to high or being in credit card debt you should also shut your fucking mouth. Mortgage rates were probably high when you bought your house. You shouldn't have bought a house for $750000 when you only made 30k a year. Common sense, if something is too good to be true it probably is. You should have saved your money, or bought a house within your means. As for credit cards, they are still a predatory service. I knew that when I was 12. I signed for them in college to get free t-shirts or whatever, but I would cut them up or put them in a drawer and not use them. My credit is really good now. You guys are just to fiscally retarded to know how to do something like that.

Whatever you are doing in your villages or whatever the hell you are calling your little shanty towns, stop complaining about your living situations. You guys have bikes to charge your phones and electronics, free food, free clothes, water and libraries. Seriously you are living better than most of the continent of Africa. You guys are using battled water, at least in Boston, to wash dishes. If you want to fight injustice or help people or do what the hell it is that you want to do, STOP WASTING WATER. There are millions of people who don't have drinkable water, but you guys are just pouring it on the ground.

You want a separation between banks and politicians, thats not going to happen. It has never been the case in the US and it never will be. You just need to read up on your history a little bit more to realize that.

Finally, you want the government to take over or change banks. That is called Communism, excuse me Socialism, I hope you remember that in the 1950's you would be arrested for being Communists for less than what you are doing now. Your rights aren't being infringed, there are jobs out there, we are still a free country and have fun in your filth and tents. I hope you guys protest all through the winter, you aren't going to accomplish anything because you have no goals. The difference between you people and a newborn baby is that one day the baby will grow up and stop whining.

I hope you occupiers take offense to this but its how the world works. If you were smart, while everyone out there is bitching and marching you should be using your bike powered laptops to be searching for jobs because thousands of people are not sending resumes out right now.