Monday, October 24, 2011

Email: You're ranting and you're whiny


I have tried to understand what you are trying to accomplish, and I'm perplexed.  What are you doing?  

You first got noticed when you posted about living within your means.  Your use of a notepad in front of your face endeared you with many.  Your basic complaint about the OWS was OK.  You had a passion and an idea, and I applaud you for posting.  But then I started reading your replies to the people who had responded and I'm concerned that you're getting off target.

First, the gist of your post was that people should quit protesting and get a job.  Well, from what I understand, most of the protesters have a job.  In fact, the only poll I've seen on the subject said that only 15% of the protesters were unemployed.  

Granted, the polling size was small - only 200.   However, I haven't seen anything else about the unemployment percentage of the OWS protesters.  Have you seen anything else?  

If only a small percentage of the protesters are unemployed, it kind of puts a big hole in your original post.  

In reading your recent post, I noticed a very disturbing trend.  You try very hard to discredit anyone who disagrees with you.  You've gotten away from your original argument.  You wrote to Email: No subject as if he hadn't presented any argument at all.  You jumped on him for being a socialist.  Wow.  You don't want to be discredited as being a "13 year old that doesn't know anything", and then you ridicule someone for being a socialist.  Do you realized that you're being very hypocritical?  Should I discredit you for being a white female who has yet to graduate high school, lives in an area where your family can live on one income, and lives in a stable family unit?  Or do you want me to consider your opinion as being from an educated person who has a passion and wants to reply to a certain situation?

For the record, I regard your opinion in the latter mode, not the former.  But if you continue to rant and whine, I'll have to reconsider my opinion.

Two things to add.  One, if you think that the people on the left are the only ones that toss insults, you are quite mistaken.  If you think that liberals are the only ones who taunt and bully, well, I think you should read up on what happened to President Obama during his campaign.  It was incredible to hear about the racial slurs, the taunting, the death threats.  Do you know that Michelle Obama has been threatened?  Do you know that the President's two daughters have received death threats?  I bet if you do research on this subject you'll find that few, if any, of these remarks and threats were made by the people on the left.  So save your comments about how the left is guilty of the awful remarks that you're getting, unless you temper your comments with something about how all people, left or right, should refrain from insults, belligerence, physical threats, and taunting.

Second, I would suggest that you read a variety of sources for information on the OWS.  I highly recommend  I have found this site to be relatively unbiased.  You may also want to consider other non-US sources of information.

Thanks for listening.