Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Email: Defense of the Damn Hippie

In regards to the angry poster who compared you to the assassins who killed JFK, Martin Luther King Jr. and Jesus:

Just wanted to highlight a few interesting parts of this post.

"You are spreading hate."--We'll see about that...

"At 13 I know you do not have the life experience or history behind you to have a valid arguable opinion about the state of the economy and the unemployment rate.  Honestly you sound like a spoiled brat." Who's spreading hate?

"Normally I would ignore such blatant and disgusting ignorance but since you're making this viral and it's all over the internet, I cannot keep silent.  You are clearly displaying your lack of compassion and empathy for humanity.  Big words, look them up.?" Wow condescending much? Where's your compassion and empathy? There's the hate again...

"I'm sorry but maybe do some research before putting your ignorance on blast." How is it not ignorant to ignore someone b/c they're 13? Because she has more sense than any of the lazy squatters around the country right now.

"Because people like you who would rather add to the problem than become part of the solution are the true losers in society." HAHAHAHA!!! wait a minute what solution do the 99% squatters give?? Demand a free-ride??? Wow that's a good solution. In one sentence she actually gave a solution to all of the economic problems facing the US.
"Live beneath your means" and that from a 13 yr old you clearly have blinding contempt for.

" the end it pays off to be kind, courageous, empathic, and gracious.  I would rather be poor and looking for a job with a heart full of love than rich and bitter.   Second of all, once you start paying your own bills you will have a hard reality check.  Your mom clearly did not raise you "properly".  Or maybe you were just born a hater."  Seriously, I am baffled at your hypocrisy. With one breath you're ignorant, blatantly rude and insulting; then you talk about having a heart full of love, kindness, courage?? Just wow...

This video is for you angry hypocrite.