Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Email: Waste of energy

You Brilliant teenager:

It is really funny. If all of these people channeled as much energy into finding jobs and living productive lives as they do in this protest, there wouldn't be any issues! They are just LAZY. That, and if you think these people are real protesters, than you have another thing coming. I bet maybe only 2 or 3% are actual protesters. the rest of them get PAID to do this. The people behind this (the White House/government) want to upset the general American public. More particularly, they want us to get mad at the republicans, so that the Democrats can keep carrying out their stupid policies that got us here in the first place! It’s not like they have done anything to help!

This is just a huge political scam. These people should be putting their efforts into trying to get jobs instead of wasting their time protesting. for each day they protest, they could have filled out at least 15 applications to find jobs, and gotten interviewed for some of them. If I can find a job, without a degree, earning almost 1500 a month, while it isn't much, it is better than nothing, and they can find a job like that just as easily. they CHOOSE not to, because, as you put it so aptly, they feel it is BENEATH them. So sorry, I do not have any pity for them. I don't care about them or anything they do, unless their stupidity costs me my job, because they can't be bothered to take the hand life dealt them, and make the best use of it. This protesting is a waste of everybody's time.