Saturday, October 15, 2011

Email: for those hippies

I am impressed. and I have a story for your readers: I could not find the reply button on any of your posts:

I am a convicted felon. with three SERIOUS felonies on my record
I have been home from prison for almost 4 years.
I am almost 25 years old
There are DOZENS of entire job fields that I will never be allowed in.
I have been UNemployed less than 180 days total in the last 4 years. and that was voluntary
I have worked as a waiter, a bus boy, a day laborer. I have rebuilt cabinets, moved old people's stuff, dug ditches, hauled wood. Chopped wood. I have done whatever is necessary to earn a buck.

During the first six of those semesters I completed 108 credit hours of community college and am 3 classes short of my 2nd A.S Degree. I saw what the economy was doing, so I went for a skilled trade. I hold an A.A.S in airconditioning. and for you uninformed- I worked near on 40 hours a week waiting tables to cram in my 18 hour weeks of class- and I have a 3.7. to pay for that degree.

I have been in my field for two years, and just got my degree in the mail last june. I currently average about $44,000 a year. It ain't great, but I can't complain. I don't like 8800 going out to the government aside from payroll tax- but I understand that it is necessary. Helpers in my field start out at 24K a year. it ain't much but the pay goes to 30k-35k very quickly. Fixing air conditioning- doesn't require a bachelors degree. It doesn't require english classes or f***in fine arts classes. It simply requires getting my hands dirty, getting covered in dirt, grime, grease and oil.

I am enrolling in 2 years to an adult degree program for organizational leadership at a Christian university. I hope to one day be a minister, who is also an HVAC tech. Fixing A/C is a means to an end, so I can afford to do what I really want to do later in life. delayed gratification, something hippies will never get.


Dear idiotic hippies,
Stop thinking that you deserve something because you have a degree that you didn't pay for; mom/dad and the bank did. shut the hell up, put your God given elbows to some grease, and if you can't find your dream job, go turn some wrenches, and get dirty; but stop bitching.
Life sucks, it ain't easy, people ain't gonna give you something for nothing. so pull yourself up by the bootstraps, start working somewhere and ask for help.

You know churches have programs where they give people money for rent and groceries to fulfill their needs- like welfare! and you don't even have to be a member of the church. You just have to be somebody needing help, sometimes they offer free financial counseling, and advice, and I know you all hate church because we're all closed minded. But it's our closed-mindedness and our work ethic that has provided you a place with the resources to help you if you need it- you just have to humble yourself and ask.

Thanks a ton kid, and keep up the good work. I had friends just like you in High School- and they've made it places.