Saturday, October 15, 2011

Email: hello there

hi. I just wanted to say, your occupy wall street posts are extremely self absorbent and pretentious. Do you realize that this job loss isn't by people's choice? I can't imagine you'd know even a TINY bit about the real world. Do the people who agree with you want a pat on the back for getting a job out of college? Good fucking job.
Let's educate you, little girl. (and all of these impressive college graduates, as well)
You have a job, that's great! Now you can get married and buy a house, because you have a decent job to pay for it. So you take out a mortgage on a decent house, and you move in. You get a raise, then you have 2 babies. You can afford it, because you are a successful computer engineer and can easily pay doctors bills for when you're children get sick, and you can EASILY spend $50 a week on your prius.
Now imagine the job that allows you to live this way downsizes and lets you go. You can't afford that mortgage that you were so easily able to pay for when you had a good job. The bank takes your house away from you. All you have to show for yourself is a wife, 2 kids, and your car. That is real life right now. That is what is happening around you, right now. Most of the people who are protesting were once just like your successful daddy. They were living humbly beneath their means, paying off mortgages on middle class houses until the job that was enabling them to do so was torn from them. Large corrupt corporations are getting bailed out by corrupt government systems, while families who were once successful, are living in their cars. WHOLE FAMILIES. OWS is about standing up against this corrupt government! Maybe some people are protesting for more materialistic things, but you have to understand that most of the people protesting are majorly and directly effected by these job cuts. It is not about trying to get a leg up from the government, but to stand up for a fair distribution of employment and revenue. All these government officials are getting filthy rich with this dirty money. Money that would have been going to the middle class families who were making an honest living and working hard.
So, good for you and your family. You are one of the few lucky families that get to continue to live comfortably "beneath your means" amongst the corruption and greed, but you are too young to be this ignorant and self absorbed.
Call me what you will but, in the end, you are the one being judged. Go do your homework.