Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Email: Great job!

Hello You Brilliant Little Angel,

I just wanted to say thank you for speaking your mind.  Often, the younger members of our society do not speak openly for fear of being ostracized by their classmates; I commend you for not having that fear.  Do not listen to those who are down on you, or try to out speak you.  When they yell, remain calm (it always gives you the edge).

My parents were middle American working people; good Catholics with strong morals and four children to raise.  My mother lost her eye sight to an eye disease when I was sixth grade.  At this point, that meant only my father could work.  He was an active duty Air Force mechanic, one of few A-10 bomber squads in the country, which meant he was often traveling for long periods.  Despite this, my parents managed to take care of all us.  As a matter of fact, my oldest brother realized the financial strain and dropped out of college for the Navy.  Have no fear though, he was able to finish his degree online later.  My second oldest brother gave football, his best shot at a scholarship, in an attempt to help ease the financial burden. My final brother and myself learned great patience; we were in middle school at this point and wanted to do all the things our friends were doing.  It took great patience and a large dose of maturity to say "no" sometimes.

It took my mother nearly two years to be approved for early disability payments, and with that the finances were a little easier.  When college came around for me, I made damn sure that I earned scholarships with my music and academics.  When those ran out, I took out loans to remain burden free to my folks and become the first woman in my family to graduate from college.  After that, I went on to get my Masters and now I'm working on my PhD.

Long story short, my family busted hump to overcome our financial struggles and for us children to grow up educated, and well rounded.  It really pisses me off to hear some the stupid demands these "protesters" think they will eventually get...  Why not get off their butts and actually work for those things?  No, instead we sit around causing trouble to business, even small shops, and whine that no one is listening.

Say it loud and say it proud honey, "GET A DAMN JOB YOU HIPPIE!"