Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Email: im wondering

From a social media and perspective standpoint, I'd like to know why your parents (or you, if I'm correct here) are using you as a proxy to make noise about what is going on. The Westboro Baptist Church takes part in the same kind of child indoctrination. I agree that a chunk of these protestors are totally uneducated about what is actually going on and just like the cheap thrills of taking part in public protest because one face is less recognizable among hundreds. If your parents are just using you as a big screen for their platform, then I'd recommend they address the fact that their platform is 14 years old.
You haven't gotten half-way through high school, much less even had a clue about college. The biotech bubble has gone down recently, so Biology isn't the salvo to fix a confused youth's work worries. Women's studies is applicable as it relates to achieving improvements in social equity, which is also a big issue in these protests. Don't just write rattle off "college majors" thinking they hold some sort of magical weight in the policy and implementation of "success". I graduated with a degree in Economics and am currently pursuing a MPA in Sustainable Management, but I work as a mobile phone games tester at $13.50/hour. That's really not what I'm worth, but to cover for my dad getting caught up in 2008's economic meltdown, I have to do it. He lost his job, we couldn't pay American healthcare bills, my mom ended up getting kidney disease from lack of medications (she died from her disease in 2007, after which I muscled through college and graduated in 4 years proper to honor her last wish), and we're just now getting back on our feet. Some people try, but don't succeed. If you think that primary/secondary school>college>job is as simple as that, you have much growing to do.