Saturday, October 15, 2011

Email: Great post, but I disagree with you. Please read.

If you're going to post something on a subject as volatile as the OWS,
then you need to expect the backlash that has occurred. Get a spine.
Quit hiding behind "I'm a 13-year old girl". Since you posted with
the intent of inciting your respondents, then you need to expect a
strong response. Even a nasty response here or there. I do not
condone the nasty responses, but I can't stop them either.
I believe that American business, including banking, have grown
stronger politically in recent decades. Business in America has
always been strong politically, but it is getting so strong now that I
am getting concerned. That is why I agree with the OWS protest.
I also believe that the 1% is getting exceeding wealthy and the
disparity between the extremely wealthy and everyone else is getting
larger. I find this disturbing, in the same sense that I have concern
about the increasing political strength of business. The US is
becoming more of a playground for business and the wealthy, while the
rest of us are pushed aside.
Let me state this: I am very happy that you are a bright young woman
was great aspirations. I'm glad that you have responsible parents.
Our country is great because of people like you and your parents.
Keep educating yourself. Keep fighting. I love your passion, and I
encourage you to continue expressing your views. I may disagree with
you, but I completely support you.
Let me also state this: I do agree with the OWS for its position on
fighting Wall Street. I am scared that business is growing too big
(politically) and that the uber-wealthy control far more than I will
ever be able to control.
I don't agree with the OWS on a few things. I am disheartened that
their main message is being diluted. There is not one strong voice
for the OWS yet. Over the course of the next few months we may see if
the OWS collapses, or like the Tea Party, coalesces with a strong
America is strong because it allows dissent. As soon as dissent is
squelched, democracy has lost.
You may find in high school and college opportunity for joining a
group that wants to express a strong message. Call it "dissent".
Know that I fully support your right to express your strong message of
dissent. And know that I fully support the right of the OWS to
express its message.