Friday, October 21, 2011

Email: I see your points, and find them wanting.

Hello! Its always good for young people to take an interest in the world around (I've relished political debates since I was 13), but I find your points to be rather naive. Let me explain: I'm a college student. I'm 21. I'm attending a good university, getting my bachelor's in a good field (broadcasting production) and have a wonderful career services department at my school to help me find a job after I graduate (from then until the day I die, actually). I'm also lucky enough (for a certain value of lucky) to not have to take on any debt, since I ave a rather sizable trust fund thanks social security death benefits paid to me because of my mother's death when I was your age. I'm very glad I have that money, because I can not find part time employment here at school. I have classes to work around, I get locked out of my campus housing for the month of December, I will be moving home in the summer, etc. No part time employer, not even McDonalds, wants to hire me because the crappy economy has made this a employer's market. There are more people who need any kind of job, even one that will not provide them with enough money to live off of (such as McDonalds), than there are jobs. Life isn't as simple as it looks from 13. Everyone has to learn that for themselves. The people at OWS and the other protests, most of them at any rate, wish it was as simple as "get a job, support myself". It just isn't.

Also, I have an iPod. My father gave it to me for my birthday. Even people without a whole lot of spending cash can get gifts, kid.