Friday, October 21, 2011

Email: lol

no offense but.. you are misinformed lol yeah i know, some of them are mad because they can't find jobs in their respective fields BUT did you know a lot of them have law degrees? some of them went to school to be pharmacists among other things. Living within their means? they're early 20's lol what do you think this is 2004 and they are out buying houses and getting brand new cars? Some of them weren't even out of high school with the market took a dive lol. Maybe you were referring to some of their parents, which, makes me think your parents had a lot to do with your thought process. I have a couple of friends that are Licensed lawyers and cannot find jobs. In addition to that the protest is about lowering inflation and ENDING WARS we were promised would be ended. Wall St. is just a start, a boiling point to get out and do something. I Don't agree with a lot of the things that go on there but I know a lot about whats going on there. People that agree with you have their opinions, which is fine but i'm not sure a lot of you actually know what's going on there. I didn't either so i found out by going to RT.COM FOX.COM MSNBC.COM SLATE.COM CNN.COM BBC.UK.CO YOUTUBE.COM and i found out. Like i said, i don't agree with everything (especially after seeing a lot of different angles) but maybe you should check it out a bit. but then again, you appear to be doing quite well.