Saturday, October 15, 2011

Email: i support your cause!

Hey, I saw your first picture on one of those websites that has cool, funny, weird, etc types of pictures and went to the website at the bottom. VERY COOL! and quite frankly we're in the same boat.

I am almost 16 and will be getting a car soon, not by the checkbook of my dad, or the credit card of my mom, or grandparents, or uncle or any of them. no I will be taking the amount of money i have saved and my parents have GENEROUSLY!!! offered to match me...needless to say i accepted.

Secondly. I agree with the hypocritical actions that you pointed out, you know kanye west showed up to protest greed wearing his 50k watch and his 1k jeans? yeah hypocrite right there...

Thirdly. At the age of 15 I HAVE A JOB!!! yeah to any liberals protesting that are reading this, I am 15 with a job. with which I earn the money to put in the bank. to save up. to use for a car. which will drive me to school and work. the job which i'll point out if I were to skip for a rediclious amount of time to go to a protest. I would get fired. so yes I am part of that working percentile.

Fourth. this is to the protesters And I should post this first so you can read it, the "rich" do not pay "too little" taxes, the so-called rich are paying twice what some of you pay. and the "rich" that you are protesting, includes many of the small businesses that you claim you love! also student-loans that you are complaining about...well I have mixed views. see to start they aren't needed, many MANY people pay their respective ways through collage one semester at a time. no loans, nada, and they do just fine, now as for the loan it self, yes "Student" loans have very high interest rates, although many loanees use said loans for more than school which in turn raises the amount paid back to the loan company/bank. lastly you can take out a non-student loan. and use it for school. see no redilous interest rates (which by the way, are so high because so many of you default on them because you simply do not want to pay them)

Conclusion. dear mystery 13 year old running this web page. I applaud you. you are obvioiusely making some sort of difference by doing this, keep going, despite the threats, names, etc. I have been in some situations where i was at the bottom of the food chain, getting picked on, enduring names, threats, and in a couple instances, almost getting into a fight. and all i can say is that they are cowards, and more importantly they react this way because you are RIGHT. if you aren't framilar with the term chicago style politics it is essentally -if you cannot defeat your opponent cleanly with the facts, use slander, and violence to break them- look what happened to sarah palin.

so yeah get a damn job you hippies. im 15 working for minimum wage, im pretty sure the kroger down the street from me is hiring. :P