Monday, October 24, 2011

Email: In repsonse to well..everybody. all these condescending attitudes dudes and dudettes.
Lets see....where to start.
@"I see your points and find them wanting".
Condescend much? I can play that game too. You haven't lived and dealt with this world even HALF as along as I have.'re 21 and in you're in school. Whoopee shite. you want a medal? You're in a "good School" I'm guessing since you said they'd help you find a job after grad that you chose one of the vocational tech schools that you see advertising for. Broadcast production? Kid we have different ideas of a "good field." Here's a dirty little secret I bet you didn't know kid. They SAY that but don't always deliver and it won't necessarily be the job you WANT. Living off your mothers death insurance. *shrug* can't hate you there. You can't find a job at the school? No one will hire you? Are by any chance in what they used to call a"college town"? It's the only explanation I can think of for that. Good're gonna need it.

@"LOL" That's how you titled your email? Grow up. Misinformed? More condescension? Well as I said above..I can play that game too. If all that many of the protestors have law degrees I can tell you why..the market for lawyers is overloaded. Why? Because the various schools graduate about 5000 new lawyers every year. Tooo many..almost all of them. The Bard was right "first thing we do is kill all the lawyers." before you get you're panties in a wad..I know of which I speak..I have lawyers in the family. Ending Wars? You MUST be a liberal. We didn't start them..we just tried to finish them. We're at war with an idea..that is completely anathema to our way of life. It's hard to kill an idea, but if you kill enough of its adherents you can slow it down. Which is why we keep switching from theatre of ops to theatre of ops.

@No Subject. -Saw a highly interesting interview yesterday with a lifelong democrat, who in his own words said "I've never voted republican and never will". He's one of the one percent..A billionaire[might have been multimillionaire as I recall. He's said he gives to many of the popular "feel good" charities that liberals hype all the time. He's not stupid though. He rode down on his bicycle yesterday[or maybe it was the day before] in mufti to see what was going on. He said he couldn't in good conscious, give money to them because they were so, inept, unorganized, stupid and without a fracking clue. He also said everyone acts like it's big crowds. He said when he was was MAYBE 100-150 protestors. Not one of them could tell them why they were there. The rest of the numbers of people that were there were either people selling their wares to make a quick buck, from people around that area, at least as many news people as there were protestors and all the rest? Tourists? Who didn't know or really care what it was about, just wanted their pictures taken @the place where this insanity was going on. So I'll believe this is a big legit movement when the sun explodes. not before.

@Nicely Done- Daaayyyummm!! Bitter much? Do you[like all the rest of the protesting nitwits} not understand that a lot of the 1% started out as what you would call 99%? They just busted their humps to get to the top and make successes of themselves? Little Bit keeps telling you people, not that you're listening, that it wasn't the BANKS fault for the bailouts. The BANKS don't have that kind of power. The person who gave them, forced them to take in several cases that I can think of, to take the bailouts. Most of which has been PAID BACK already. Oh and do you happen to know who was on the Group of Thirty board, and head of the Federal Reserve Bank of NY,when Bush started this ball rolling, and who whispered in Bush's ear that it needed to be done, while he was in office still? Tim "turbo tax..ooops I didn't PAY my taxes" Geithner. He was also head of the Policy Dept for the IMF,[01-03] etc. Don't believe me? Look him up in Wikipedia numbnuts.

Oh by the way....Someone brought up Fredrick Douglass in one of your emails. Here's a few more quotes from the man, for the sanitarium rejects to ponder on. Although the first one should be added to your header considering all the hate mail you're getting. :)
"A Gentlemen won't insult me, and no man not a gentleman can insult me"

Here's one that the protestors REALLY need to remember...since their all set on confiscating from the rich and putting them in chains, killing them, hanging them...etc etc.
"No man can put a chain about the ankle of his fellow man without at last, finding the other end fastened about his own neck."