Friday, October 21, 2011

Where To Begin?

Because so many of you have had something to say, I will respond to you. I can't respond to you all one by one, and I wouldn't even bother because it's like throwing a tennis ball at the wall. It comes back to you in the same condition no matter what. So here goes.

In response to "You Are Awesome": I'm proud of you as well. You may be struggling, but you're not whining. You knew that when you signed your name to a debt, you owned it. You're also taking care of people in need. There is nothing better than helping your fellow man. It's not the taxpayers' job to do so. I wish nothing but the best for you.

To "Nicely Done": Thank you for calling me an idiot. Again, this is not my website. I've just been given a voice here. As for the rest of your pathetic rant, you have kept yourself down. Not Wall Street. You say you bet I'm fat. That's so odd, since everyone calls me Beanpole. However I will bet you have tattoos on your neck, facial piercings, and gauged ears. "But mommy I don't know why they won't hire me!" I wouldn't hire you to sort mail. Also, I don't mind dying in obscurity, because I assume your idea of obscurity is anything short of your hero Che Guevara. Tell me, who bailed out Wall Street? You have no clue, do you? I'll help you here, because you need it. IT WAS OBAMA. What Presidential candidate has accepted the largest political contribution from Wall Street in the history of this nation? I bet you want to blame Bush, but again it was OBAMA. But I know, you'll still vote for him. Bye.

To "A Couple Quick Anecdotes": Even though nothing you said was done in a quickly fashion, I will answer you in a quickly fashion. Um, bull about the bank offering you an unsolicited home loan, if you're too stupid to read what you sign, not Wall Street's fault, and if you're complaining about the housing bubble, blame your good buddies Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barney Frank, and Chris Dodd. You lose, sir, for your ignorance.

To "Site Improvement": This isn't my site. That's all that's needed here.

To "Email: No Subject": I notice you complain about politicians being bought by Big Business...where is your outrage that they are also bought by Unions? Nothing? That's what I thought. You also say, "And furthermore, don't call the liberals insane. I'm not a liberal, I'm a socialist". You need say no more. You've proven you're incapable of taking care of yourself in any economic situation. You need the government to care for you from the time you're born until the time you breathe your last. The OWS movement is perfect for you.

To "Email lol": Do you walk into an employer's office and actually say lol? Let's say you say it out loud and it's pronounced LOLE. "Hi, I'm like here for the tech position LOLE. Like, I can type really well and use crappy computer acronyms like LOLE. Here, let me show you how great I am on the computer: Hey Sally, lol, so I just watched Jersey Shore lol, and it was SO amazing lol. You have to see it lolololololol." You fail.

To "I See Your Points and Find Them Wanting": First of all, good job trust fund person. You claim to be studying Broadcast Production and your "university" has lifetime job placement for you. Which means you probably found your "university" on a TV commercial. As for your gifted iPod, what's on it? I assume you have music on it, which means you have had to buy it from iTunes. If you didn't, then you're a thief. If you did, you're still supporting those corporations you oh so hate. Done with you now.

Well it's been nice, everyone. Good luck with your movement. I hear it's getting pretty cold out there. Oh, and could you stop raping young girls and stealing each others' stuff? I know you believe in taking what you want, but don't you think you're going a little far?