Monday, October 10, 2011

Email: A Marine's point of view

First let me thank you for taking the initiative to create a universally necessary and long overdue web site. I would be happy to share my story with your readers in protest of the "entitled generation."

I am the oldest of 3 boys (now 3 successful men). My Father is a retired Police officer that took odd jobs on his time off to support our family. My Mom worked vary hard out of our house as an interior decorator for anyone that would give her a job. They both spent as much time with us three boys as they could; and instilled a sense of personal worth though example, discipline, home chores, and religion. We three boys also had regular jobs at early ages. I had my first job as a paper boy in our small town in the third grade. My second job lasted though high school as a telemarketer. One of my brothers worked at a fast food chain, the other was a cart boy at a golf course. Our parents did not give us much by the way of allowance, as they provided us with the necessities. When I was 17 I joined the Marines (in 1992). When my "middle" brother was 18 he also joined the Marines. My youngest brother worked his way through community then state college. He never took a loan or defaulted on tax payers to help with government subsidies. Fast forward 18 years.

I served 14 years in the Marine Corps (where I got my BS) before being discharged for medical reasons. I was blown up in Iraq in 2006. I am now 4 years into my career with an incredible Disabled Veteran Started Incorporation. I was recently accepted to The George Washington University for my Masters Degree in Safety and Security for Professionals. My brother that also joined the Marines was Honorably Discharged after 8 years and now trains Marines for National Emergency Response. My youngest brother graduated college on time and worked diligently as a restaurant server until he got his break. He is now the National sales rep for premier golf resort. Let me conclude with my point.

The American dream is out there for Americans to achieve. It is not a hand out, it is not a right, and it is certainly not an entitlement that would be afforded to anyone just for being born American. Large corporations do not run America. Hard working Americans run America. When they succeed it should be celebrated considering that they will employ fellow Americans that need jobs. Unfortunately, an ever expanding gap of lazy slugs (for lack of a better term) expect America's corporations and Government to serve them up life on a silver (probably gold) platter. They are getting it, part in partial, because we got lazy keeping an eye on what our government is doing. We can all see the beginning of our uprising. We are doing it in a non-violent, matter of fact, democratic way. Our voices are louder, our numbers are larger, and we care enough to show up at the election poles. Let us take our Country back.

Thank you all and God bless.