Monday, October 10, 2011

Email: Enter Canada


I saw your pic on a friend’s facebook page.   While not being a fan of those who don’t work and spend their time causing damage, I think your last poster should educate himself before ranting against other people groups, in my case, Canadians.

We don’t think we are owed anything by our government except what we pay for through our taxes.  I myself have two jobs as well as freelancing to support my family.  My wife works two jobs and helps her parents.  Our cars are at least 10 years old and we help everyone we can as much as we can.  We worked in the States for 6 years at the request of people there and enjoyed our time greatly.  However, I think that as Americans your first priority should be to follow in the footsteps of your Founding Fathers and seek spread the cause of freedom as laid out in the Declaration and Constitution instead of bashing other countries, especially when you have little to no knowledge of what it’s like to live here.

Ideals are just that, ideals.  Unless you put them into practice and work for the greater good, in this case forcing the bankers and executives who don’t care about anyone, including their workers or you to answer for the money given to them by the taxpayers (which includes some of the money I paid to the IRS and Social Security), you are not walking in the manner that Franklin, Jefferson, Adams, Washington and the rest made for you.

Be the Great Society that you say you are.  Fight for those who can’t.  Take care of those who can’t take of themselves.  Defend the freedoms as set out in the Declaration.

You’ll find that it has much more in common with those other countries you are so ready to run down.

God Bless America