Thursday, October 13, 2011

Email: Nice site!

Looks you've got a lifetime friend in "Damn Hippie".
But I think you misunderstand Damn Hippie. Here's some tips:
1) Damn Hippie would not work at McDonald's. Hard work is only for capitalist pigs. I worked at McDonald's when the aerospace industry took a dive and I was laid off. There were no tech jobs in the late 70's, so I took what was available. While working there, I kept applying for better jobs. Today, I'm making a very good living as a dimensional metrology laboratory owner. I give my employees full medical insurance, competitive wages, pension, free lunch Friday, tuition reimbursement, and other perks. The government provides them nothing but grief. I doubt Damn Hippie has the background or attitude to work here though. Lots of math and hard work.
2) Damn Hippie actually knows nothing about money other than what he reads on web conspiracy sites. He's so clueless he thinks he pays 14% taxes. What a maroon ...
3) If he really is an "engineer" he must work the train ride at Wally World.
Real Taxpayer