Thursday, October 13, 2011

Email: Tolerant bunch ain't they

"Your Manicure: How much did that cost? Who paid for it? Mommy and Daddy? If they did, think about how all of your manicures, fashionable haircuts, status clothes, shoes, sunglasses, etc. cost Mommy and Daddy. And, had Mommy and Daddy stood up to you and said we're not paying for that crap just because you are stomping your feet demanding it, imagine how much bigger a house they could have afforded."

Wow..some of these haters are just soooo tolerant and full of love, ain't they?
To the author of that email I suggest you remember an old parable 'If you live in a glass house..don't be throwing rocks at me.' Some of us return them express, free of charge to you and with interest.