Monday, October 17, 2011

Email: A Second Voice from the Younger Generation

First off, I'd like to point out that I'm only 17, so I'm not going to sit here criticizing you on your age. That being said:

It's hard for me to comprehend how you can sit back and judge the very people who are standing up against the policies and inequities that will, inevitably, be more detrimental to our generation that anyone else. The 53%, despite what you may like to believe, are not paying for "those of you who whine", they're paying to bail out irresponsible multi-trillion dollar companies. These companies, now more than ever, have a grapple on our political system, a system that has already proven itself to be lackluster and essentially incapable of fixing anything. Maybe if the people who were supposed to fix our financial problems actually did it, those who protest against it wouldn't get shit for not coming up with solutions. And no, it's not only the Democrats fault as Fox News might have you believe -- it's just as much the Republicans fault. Both parties are responsible, for they won't budge on a single fucking issue. Washington needs to get over itself and start working for the general welfare of the people as was originally intended by this country's founders, and that isn't going to happen anytime soon when corporations, as decided by our genius Supreme Court judges, now have no limit on contributing to political elections. You seem rather intelligent, so I assume you know what such factions and lobbyists will continue to do to this country -- drown out the voices of everyday Americans. In five years you will be able to legally vote, but rest assured your vote means absolutely nothing. Yes, nothing. The only way anything will ever change is if the majority of people (one could say, the 99%) physically stands up to these issues.

With a few exceptions, the OWS protesters are not arguing for communism, socialism, or any other spreading of wealth, they are bringing attention to the corruption I just outlined for you. Two years ago the Tea Party did nearly the same thing, but somehow the OWS protesters are deemed "Anti-American", whilst Republicans hold the Tea Party up on a pedestal. When the hell did advocating for change become Anti-American? Is this country really so ignorant as to generalize an entire group of people "weed-smoking Liberals" simply because they want to see more done to help the citizens of this country?

You're completely incorrect in stating "If you have the time to trespass in a public park, you have time for work." Greenway, the park Boston occupiers got arrested for "trespassing" on, is a public park. Under the Constitution they are entitled to peacefully protest in any public place, and yes, that includes Greenway.
"Maybe you should've gotten a degree in Biology instead of Bitter Women's Studies." As someone already stated, 22.4% of college grads under 25 don't have a job, and I assure you, 22.4% of people don't major in Women's Studies. Stop being ignorant. Also, if you want to be taken seriously I suggest you don't make immature jokes towards a person who just spent their time articulately and respectfully expressing the fact that they, like most people, are going through a rough financial situation. Honestly, have some fucking sympathy.'
"So could you quit crapping in the alleys of New York, go home, and get a job at McDonald's?" Again, you're misinformed. When was the last time you saw the newspaper run an article on a company having difficulty finding employees? There are no jobs. That's the point. Those who have been laid-off from a good job have it even worse.. It makes no sense for them to get a job at McDonald's, nor would McDonald's hire them. They are overqualified, and would make more money collecting unemployment.

So, as a fellow peer, I'm telling you you're just plain wrong. There are people out there that have it a hell of a lot worse than you or me, but we could just as easily have been put in their shoes. It is easy to judge someone when you've hit the ovarian lottery, but realize that the real world is not like that (If you didn't know, the term "ovarian lottery" was coined by Warren Buffett, the third wealthiest man in the world, who has admitted he pays a lower tax rate than his own receptionists). Practice empathy, because one day you're going to need some help, and I doubt you'd want a thirteen year-old teenager criticizing you over the computer screen for wanting it.