Friday, October 21, 2011

Email: Suggestion For Site Improvement

Our family could be yours. My husband is an IT person and I too quit my job to stay home and take care of my children. We have 3 - a set of twins 15 and a 9 year old. One of the twins posted your site on my Facebook.
I admire your need to act on what is becoming a crisis in our country. However, what I want to caution you against is becoming like the "hippies" in the most important sense.
What is most alarming about this whole movement, and potentially yours, is the lack of solutions being suggested. Please, please, turn your blog into an online "think tank." Pick a specific problem - there are MANY - and look for solutions.  Solicit the people who are responding to you to come up with ideas that could work to change things to better our country.  Create a forum for more than a rant. 
Then once you reach a consensus on a topic, start blasting your congress leaders with emails and letters.  You can be the catalyst of real change - not just rhetoric.
Don't look for the haters, look for the lovers - the lovers of America.