Monday, October 10, 2011

Email: Thanks for the blog!

My husband and I love your blog! First thanks for your service to our country! My husband has 9.5 years of service with the Armed Forced. Four of those were with the USMC and the rest are currently with the Army. I enjoy being an Army wife and raising our children. I do however bartend at and American Legion for some extra cash so we can do family fun things and not going into debt doing so. I love my job! I get to serve those who served. I could be on social security for my medical problems. I choose not to. Why? I want to warn my money, and to teach my children that even if you have a disability YOU CAN STILL WORK. I do believe however; that there are people who truly can not work. I get upset seeing people who are capable of working but decide not to. I didn't start working again until recently too. My children were my priority not money. I will not have some day care raise my child. Keep up with the good work!!