Tuesday, October 18, 2011

RE: No Subject

Wow, where do I even start with that diatribe? I suppose most people would begin with tl;dr. But since mine will be the same, I'll just address your issues.

I'm so sorry you'll have $200,000 in debt that will take you 20 years to pay off. Maybe you should have chosen a better professional direction. Because that's a mortgage, and even a stupid person can manage to pay off a mortgage in 20 years. In the meantime, what do you own to show for your payments? A great job? I don't think so. You claim to have studied Neuroscience/neurobiology. Why didn't you study to become a DOCTOR? A real one? Who's going to hire you now? No one. Grab that cardboard box.

You also go off about LGBT. Do you see ANYWHERE I've said a word about the gay community? (Psst, here's a clue thrown at you and please grab it because you look like the drunk late night keyboard queen) I said NOTHING about gay rights or anything else. This is your major issue with anyone who has a differing opinion. Just admit it and move on.

Now let me turn the tables about the "wars" you complain about. I will assume you're an Obama supporter. How do you feel about the fact that we are STILL involved in 2 wars; that Obama interjected us into a third (Libya), and has sent troops into central Africa (both civil wars)? That's fine with you, right? Is Guantanamo Bay closed? No? How odd, I though that's what you all wanted.

How long has it been since the Democrats passed a national budget? Do you even know? More than 900 days. So don't give me crap that now all of a sudden it's not their fault that the country is falling to trash.

As for Clinton, he rode the dotcom bubble for all it was worth. No other comments needed there. Do YOUR research. Even a 7 year old knows that.

You champion unions, but want corporate money out of politics. Fine. Let's take corporate dollars out of politics. But union dollars have to go as well. (Just to let you know, unions are outdated. We have this funny thing called OSHA. Feel free to look that up. You don't even have to give me credit)

As for telling me how to spell, what was misspelled? Right.

As for the rest, blah blah. If your Daddy gave you a cell phone, you're a spoiled brat. (when I want something, I babysit, pull weeds for neighbors, or mow their lawn, and it doesn't take 15 hours a week. I think you should rethink your side jobs) If you complain that your headphones are cheap Phillips' brand that you can buy at Target, you're supporting a corporation you hate. Oh NO! Your iPod is 5 years old?? How can you possibly live? My heart breaks for you. Since the screen is broken, I guess you can't listen to complaint rock, huh?

As for your threat that Anonymous can track me down and run me out of town, your true colors are showing. BTW, this isn't my site. Good luck there. Everyone can now see you for what you are. Also, did you know that when you post on websites, your IP address is displayed? No? Oops. Sucks when you don't know something, doesn't it?

Good luck in life. You're going to need it.

P.S. I'm going to work to take the country back from morons like YOU.